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Walking the Path of Love

Core Teachings of Swami Kripalu

The Path of Love is a way of living where love is the foundation of every thought and action -- a way of being taught and embodied by Swami Kripalu. In a book that is as accessible as it is inspirational, Anandamai Charlyn integrates her life stories with the teaching stories of Swami Kripalu to provide powerful insight and transformative practices for walking this path.

Twelve chapters lead you through the profound teachings of the Path of Love, including lessons on truth, service, self-observation, struggle, and compassion.


The book gently guides you to discover your stories and your truth and provides practical tools and exercises to integrate these practices into your life, and into your yoga and meditation classes.

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“To read Walking the Path of Love is to be swept up in a blanket of generosity and grace. Charlyn’s ability to weave the timeless threads of Swami Kripalu’s wisdom with her candid life experience and simple practices makes even the highest goals we have for enlightened living attainable. Her “love experiments” will strengthen your ability to listen to your own heart’s wisdom and catalyze profound positive transformation. I spent my childhood as a full-time resident in Swami Kripalu’s community in Sumneytown, Pennsylvania, and these pages hold and share the divine love I experienced firsthand in my upbringing. If you want to know the stories of real-life alchemy and how to tap into the best of what is possible for you, let Charlyn be your guide. The trail that she illuminates in this book leads us home to ourselves, to each other, and to the love waiting to hold us.” 

Karlee Fain

Celebrity Coach, Author, & Kripalu Resident



“This is a wonderful, inspirational, and practical guide for keeping the timeless teachings of Swami Kripalu alive in your life. This book is the perfect way to give yourself precious personal reflection time through a powerful combination of contemplative writing, anecdotes, and teachings combined with simple, easy-to-use techniques and practices. Love and devotion shine through this book and will awaken their power in your life.”

Kamini Desai, PhD

Executive Director, Amrit Yoga Institute 



“What you are holding in your hand is a journey into your heart. Walking the Path of Loveis the best title as that is exactly what you will do when reading this book. Each chapter takes you on a journey with the most poetic words gifted through Charlyn for us from Swami Kripalu. She then shares her own life stories in such a vulnerable and relatable manner. Finally, each chapter ends with practices to access the truest place in ourselves.”

Erin Casperson

Dean, Kripalu School of Ayurveda



“A guidebook for the soul. Anandamai Charlyn Reihman has crafted an essential, practical, and loving companion for anyone ready (or not) to have their life changed forever by yoga and the inspiring teachings of Swami Kripalu.”

Jurian Hughes

Senior Faculty Member, Kripalu School of Yoga 



“Charlyn offers her personal story of being a devoted seeker walking the path of love: what it means, looks like, and feels like inside and out. This book lays out simple yet life-changing practices to bring further presence, self-observation, self-inquiry, service, faith, heart, compassion, and love into our lives both on and off the yoga mat. Walking the Path of Love is a unique and extraordinary blend of ancient yogic wisdom, the Kripalu lineage, and guidance from Bapuji [Swami Kripalu]. It provides a variety of teachings, stories, guided personal reflections, and practical and accessible ways to engage with the Kripalu lineage and apply it to our modern everyday life. Grab a journal, cozy down, and get ready for a deep dive into discovering the wholebeingness of who and what you are.”

Jess Frey

Mindfulness Coach & 1000-hour Kripalu Yoga Educator



“Anandamai shares a wealth of inspiration and practical guidance to help you deepen your journey into the heart of yoga. Her courageous exploration of Swami Kripalu’s teachings is a light for anyone wanting to deepen their yoga practice.”

Joel Feldman(Taponidhi)

Founding Member, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health



“Beginning with her vision of Swami Kripalu as a moment of awakening, Anandamai Charlyn Reihman takes us on a journey of transformation inspired by the core teachings of the guru we affectionately call Bapuji. This scholarly yet deeply personal book provides a roadmap of meaningful discovery through what Swami Kripalu taught us and how these teachings may be applied to one's personal practice, as well as the design of an inspired Kripalu yoga class. This book is a keystone for Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training and reference. It is also a welcome addition to a studio or home yoga library as it responds clearly to the inquiry, ‘What is Kripalu Yoga?’ How lucky are we, to have that question answered with such grace?”

Teri Goszka, MEd

500-hour Kripalu Yoga Instructor



“Swami Kripalu, or Bapuji, as we lovingly called him, was a spiritual treasure. This book, written with love and devotion, helps to preserve his remarkable legacy. It was a joy to read.”  

John Mundahl

Author, From the Heart of the Lotus: The Teaching Stories of Swami Kripalu 



“While this book is steeped deeply in the Kripalu lineage, it is completely accessible to the novice as well. A wonderful guide to use as a daily practice toward the path of love, it provides stories, lessons, and teachings from Swami Kripalu that you will be able to blend into your life. Charlyn’s words truly went straight to my heart.” 

Cindy Yaple

1,000-hour Kripalu Yoga Instructor



“This wonderful book, filled with the teachings of Bapuji as directly experienced by the author, is a gift. It touches your soul. The stories enlighten and delight, the practices are beautifully guided, and one experiences, through the poetic and soulful writing of the author, the gentle, loving, and transformative essence of one of our greatest spiritual teachers, Swami Kripalu. Perfect for the beginning yoga student or the experienced yoga teacher alike.”

 Leila Sadat

Kripalu Yoga Instructor, Professor of International Criminal Law, 

& Director, Whitney R. Harris World Law Institute



“This is a book that will walk you home, hold you, challenge you, encourage you, and inspire you.  Charlyn brings the magic and wisdom of the Kripalu teachings alive. It took me back to my time spent at Kripalu as well as breathed new life into my teaching and yoga practice. This is a book that will nourish you your entire life and bless you with teachings of the heart. As Charlyn writes in the epilogue, ‘May you know love completely.’ Reading this book, you will.”

Carly Sachs-Conatser

 Author & 500-hour Kripalu Yoga Instructor



“As I settled into reading, it was as if Swami Kripalu himself was present to guide me further down his ‘path of love.’ If you have been called to this path, do not hesitate to dive into this well-written tribute to the guru behind Kripalu Yoga and his legacy of stories and ‘experiments in love.’ You will find yourself guided with wisdom and grace during these challenging times on Earth when it is most needed.” 

Elise Cantrell

Author & Kripalu Yoga Instructor



“The richness of ancient wisdom coupled with practical modern exercises make this an important book for living and leading a life of love and fulfillment. The format allowed me to easily open or return to any poem, relatable story, or experiential practice. I had the chills many times while reading this channeled, clear, and profound work.” 

 Josh Warren, MS, LMT

 500-hour Kripalu Yoga Instructor & Founder,

Praise for Walking the Path of Love

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